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Brandywine Plastics & Sourcing

Brandywine Plastics & Sourcing
Brandywine Plastics & Sourcing
Brandywine Plastics exists under the umbrella of Malvern Plastics Group. Malvern Plastics Group, Inc. is made up of several companies all dealing in different aspects of the plastics industry. We recycle, reprocess, compound, distribute, broker, manufacture and import/export. We have networks of warehousing and transportation that allows us to pick up and store material anywhere in the world. Starting in 1998, we set out to change the recycling industry one customer at a time. That evolved into distribution of resin which, in turn, led to manufacturing. We are in partnerships with companies in the far east for both manufacturing and resin distribution. This broad band of partners allows Malvern Plastics to satisfy virtually any need you may have in the plastics arena. With offices in both Malvern, PA and Rohnert Park, CA, we are well suited to handle material anywhere in North America. We have warehousing in PA, OH, NC, GA, CA and MI. Outside the US, we have warehousing available in Mexico, Brazil and China. We have an R&D team that has been forming patents and setting standards in the plastics industry for over 30 years. This allows Malvern Plastic Group to help your company from idea to inception. Our Manufacturing capabilities are numerous, and all done overseas. We are able to produce up to 8000 pounds of product an hour, depending on the application.
Brandywine Plastics & Sourcing
Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Contact : Tim Styer
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