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Eco-Terr Distributing Inc/ StabiliGrid

Eco-Terr Distributing Inc/ StabiliGrid
StabiliGrid is 100% recycled plastic permeable paving stable grid for driveways, parking lots, roadways, slope stabilization using grass or gravel or soil. easy to do yourself, or hire a landscape professional. able to withstand the weight of fire trucks and construction equipt, or just your economy car. There are 3 grades to meet any load or finish requirement. Also stabilizes stalls, stables, paddocks, turnouts, grass pastures and farm roads. Total mud control. The environmentally sound approach to pervious ecogrid paving, using 100% high-quality recycled plastic. Recycled, recyclable, but most importantly, re-usable. inert and non-polluting when installed. Allows mother nature to filter the storm water naturally, while allowing vehicular and pedestrian traffic in a pleasant, sustainable environment
Eco-Terr Distributing Inc/ StabiliGrid
Sammamish, Washington

Contact : Charles Baker
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