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Eco Development

Eco Development
Eco Development
Eco-Trade is a division of Eco Development completely dedicated to both intermittent and ongoing recycling and waste management programs. We source materials from manufacturers, bottlers, distributors, and other business types. These materials may have very little value or even be completely worthless to these businesses, but Eco-Trade seeks out new uses for the materials, thus decreasing overall waste. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who share a common vision and are guided by a sincere passion for providing our customers with unmatched service. As a trading partner, we understand that the needs of each customer are unique, and we measure our success by how well we meet your requirements. We put our expertise to use every day by providing flexible services. We work closely with our customers to understand their specifications and preferences for packaging and logistic details. This means our customers get adaptive services that meet their specific needs and give them a much-needed edge in present day competitive markets. Our Customized On-Site Programs are designed specifically for each customer and their product(s). With this model, we can actually process materials on-site, which increases the value of the materials, lowers shipping costs, and ultimately provides the customer and ongoing annuity from their waste. The customer, or host recycler, does not incur any expense, only a new and ongoing profit stream. Eco-Trade will place all necessary equipment and personal as well as coordinate all shipping and trading activates of the materials. When the materials are shipped, the host receives a report and the commission for the goods. Whether you are buying, selling, or need help developing a new recycling program, please call us anytime to discuss the valuable proposition of Eco-Trade. We are anxious to assist your trading or recycling needs.
Eco Development
Mason, Ohio

Contact : Ken Lewis
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