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A.G. Envirotech
Abbott Enterprises Incorporated
AGZ Plastics
AIK Trading Co., Ltd.
Alliance Trading International ltd
Alpine Disposal & Recycling
Ankar Plastics
ARK International Trade Company Limited
B & W United Venture Inc.
Bagwell Plastics
Bell Air Bay Industries
Best Recycling
BFI Canada Inc. (Coquitlam,BC)
Blue Planet Plastic Recycling
Blue Planet Recycling
Brothers Transit
C.R. Returns Recycling Depot
Can-Am Steel Drums Ltd
Can-yingbo Import & Export Ltd
Canadian Waste Services Inc. (Coquitlam, BC)
Canadian Waste Services, Inc. (Kelowna, BC)
CanGlobal Recycling Trade Company
Carry On Trading (Canada) Ltd.
Cellpap North America Ltd
Cnca Holdings Inc.
Coam Trading House Inc.
Discovery Plastic
Element Trading Company
Fraser Plastics
Fraser Plastics Ltd.
G&V Trading Ltd
Global Plastics (UK) Limited
Golden Link Development Company
Grand Prospect Enterprises Ltd
Guo Tong
Guocheng Recycling Ltd.
Hailyn Chen Trader
Happy Stan's Recycling Services Ltd.
Helps Plastic Corporation
Henderland Enterprises
Heng Sheng Technology (Canada) Co., Ltd.
HJD International Trade Company
Hon Shan Developments (Canada) ltd.
International Water-Guard
IPZ Global Trading
JC Chem Consulting
Jiangsu Sunshine Industrial Company, Ltd
Kaiy Trading Limited
Katuo Trade Limited
Komol Plastics Company
Kubi International Ent.,Ltd.

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